Course curriculum

  • 1


    • SWE COURSE opener

  • 2

    1. Mid Atlantic Tuna Fishing

    • 1.0 Overview

    • 1.1 Adapting, Preparation & Safety

    • 1.2 Reading Sat Charts

    • 1.3 Sat Charts Continued...

    • 1.4 Sat Charts final


  • 3

    2. Mid Atlantic Tuna Fishing: Trolling

    • 2.0 Trolling Season

    • 2.1 Tackle

    • 2.2 Trolling Spread

    • 2.3 Trolling Planers

    • 2.4 Locating Fish

    • 2.5 End Game

    • Download: Success In the Trolling Spread

  • 4

    3. Mid Atlantic Tuna Fishing Chunking

    • 3.0 Chunking

    • 3.1 Anchor or Drift

    • 3.2 (Part 1)

    • 3.2 (Part 2)

    • 3.3 Kite Fishing

  • 5

    4. Mid Atlantic Tuna Fishing: Jig & Pop

    • 4.1 Jigging

    • 4.2 Topwaters

  • 6

    5. Mid Atlantic Tuna Fishing: Overview

    • Final

    • Bonus: Downloadable Guide


Key Instructor

Ricky Wheeler

Captain Ricky Wheeler lives for saltwater fishing. As a Captain, he has set 11 IGFA Line Class Records and 5 IGFA All-Tackle Length Records. He also has plenty of tournament wins and placements to his credit as both a Captain and Mate and continues to be highly competitive year in and year out. After years of running private and charter sportfishing programs in numerous fish-rich locations, he is now Owner and Operator of Euphoria Sportfishing. ( on his 60' Custom Fishing Machine. Ricky's passion and high level of enthusiasm for sportfishing shine through on every fishing trip which makes him an absolute pleasure to fish with as well as learn from. He loves to teach and help people get on the fish of a lifetime every opportunity he gets. Fishing is all about having fun on the water, and Captain Ricky Wheeler wants to be sure everyone is having as much fun as him on every trip. Ricky is well immersed in the sport of fishing not only running fishing trips, but also his tackle company Fish Downsea Tackle (, and writing articles for well-known fishing magazines. Now he has started these online courses with Saltwater Euphoria to help teach those who want to learn more about how to be successful every moment they are on the water fishing. "I have always loved fishing since I was a very little kid, and it is something I just can never part from. I love being offshore fishing! My competitive drive and pure love for fishing make every day on the water so much fun. There is very little out there that can compare to the experience of Bluewater fishing and sharing it with others." -Captain Ricky Wheeler